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Texas Member Transportation Survey – 2004


Over 90 percent of Texas AARP members report that driving is their primary mode of transportation. While this percent declines with age, over 60 percent of members 85+ still say that driving is their primary mode, while almost half indicated that they primarily ride share. In order to help Texas members maintain personal independence as they age, AARP produced this report to understand the transportation needs, problems, and opinions of aging residents.

Key Points

The AARP Texas Transportation survey was conducted from November 2003 to December 2003 and resulted in 2,677 usable surveys. The survey respondents were asked a series of questions to understand better their perceptions of the community’s transportation options and needs, and determine development opportunities. The AARP members being surveyed noted that, overall, they were satisfied with their ability to get where they need to go; however, age, health and disability status, and driving status influenced this satisfaction level dramatically.

Other report highlights include:

  1. Over half of members strongly or somewhat agree that staying in their community would be difficult if they did not drive.
  2. Texas members experience problems with transportation for disabled (26%), senior vans (23%), public transportation (23%), and walking (18%).
  3. Along with ability to get where they need to go, the majority of members also rate their communities good or very good in having parking for disabled or those with health problems, and having safe parks and recreational facilities.
  4. As noted in the study, “Offering dependable public transportation, offering convenient transportation for people with disabilities or health problems, and providing a wide variety of services to help maintain independence as people age are the three areas worth further development.”

How to Use

The report provides a thorough look at the older adult population’s perceptions and opinions of transportation in Texas. The data collected in this AARP survey can be utilized by city officials and city planners to gain a better understanding of the transportation needs older adults perceive as important in order to make their community more livable. The report offers guidance that will accommodate the changing needs of the older adult population.

View full report: Texas Member Transportation Survey – 2004 (PDF – 397 KB)

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