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Getting From Here to There: The Opinions of Oahu, Hawai’i Residents 50+ on Complete Streets – 2009


In 2007, there were a total of 4,654 pedestrian fatalities nationwide, 40 percent of which were people 50+. Hawaii was ranked seventh in pedestrian fatalities. Therefore, in order to understand better the needs of Oahu residents and their opinions on complete streets — “streets and roads that are designed to ensure safe access for users of all ages and abilities,” AARP conducted a survey of residents age 50+.

Key Points

According to a survey of Oahu’s older adults, less than half of respondents say they are extremely or very satisfied with the streets in their community. A majority of respondents expressed interest in supporting a complete streets policy — that roads will be designed for all — pedestrians, drivers, bikers, and public transportation users.

Other report highlights include:

  • As with most communities, Oahu residents prefer to stay in their communities for as long as possible, and they think it is a good place to get around and remain active as they age.
  • A majority of residents 50+ feel that the streets in their community provide adequate street lighting, accessible public transportation, a comfortable place to wait for the bus, intersections with safe crosswalks for pedestrians, adequate sidewalks, and adequate enforcement of posted speed limits. In contrast, it appears that work could be done on adequate bike accommodations.
  • Other problems that should be considered in the Oahu community include heavy traffic and streets that need repair.
  • A majority of 50+ Oahu residents drive when they need to go somewhere.

How to Use

This report provides information on Oahu, Hawaii residents’ opinions on complete streets in their area, as well as needs within the community in order to make it more pedestrian friendly. City planners and local government officials can use this information to understand better the concerns of the community in relation to complete streets and what problem areas might need to be a focus of improvement. Transportation officials can use this information to create safer environments for pedestrians and identify ways to help older adults age in place.

View full report: Getting From Here to There: The Opinions of Oahu, Hawai’i Residents 50+ on Complete Streets – 2009 (PDF – 432 KB)

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