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Pew Social Trends Website


Timing is everything. Knowing what is happening tomorrow can only be understood by what is happening today. This website by the Pew Research Center’s Social and Demographic Trends project conducts current research and studies on the behaviors and lifestyles of Americans. The group tracks trends, statistics and information about all generations and about society at large. Community planners and local leaders can use this site to assess societal trends and gather information about where society is now and where it is heading.

Key Points

The website is broken down into six categories: Home, Reports, Topics, Interactives, Datasets and About. Planners and community leaders will first notice that the home page offers statistical information and insights about specific generations, including the Boomer generation. For greater delineation of categories and topics, the user should head to the “Topics” page. Subcategories on that page include demographics, economics and personal finance, education, family and relationships, generations and age, lifestyle, military and veterans, politics, race and ethnicity. There are a myriad of articles under each category and subcategory. The second highlight of the site is the “Reports” section. These resources help are intended to help planners or local leaders interpret survey snapshot statistics and what they could potentially mean for them locally. The final highlight is the “Interactives” section, which is really a category hosting several videos. These videos provide narrative and visual impact to the statistical information and research provided, making them easier to understand.

How to Use

Introducing a program or initiative with a sense of timeliness can mean the difference between acceptance, delay or rejection. Good ideas have to be introduced at the right time. This Pew Research site may assist community planners and local leaders in establishing future community plans by providing them with sound statistical data to help them understand the societal trends we are facing today.

View the website: Pew Social Trends

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