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Going From Good to Great: A Livable Communities Survey in Westchester County, New York – 2009


Westchester County older adults, on average, are long-standing residents who are both satisfied with their community and think it’s a good place to age in place. AARP New York conducted this study to uncover opinions about living and aging in Westchester County from the 50+ population.

Key Points

This study was conducted to determine the livability of Westchester County, New York for older residents. AARP New York commissioned a telephoned survey of the general population 50+ and concluded, based on the 800 completed interviews, that most aging Westchester residents consider it very or extremely important to live in their current community and home for as long as possible. To do so, older adults know they need to be able to “age in place,” and maintain access to needed services.

Other key findings:

  1. Important and valued community characteristics include safe neighborhoods, community hospital, services to help age in place, and well-designed and maintained streets.
  2. Community services of top importance are special transportation for senior and disabled, visiting nurses and home health aides.
  3. Residents are unsure whether home repair services, respite care, health monitoring service, and a variety of affordable housing options even exist in their community.
  4. Top problems in the community are not enough affordable housing and heavy traffic, both of which can be attributed to the county’s proximity to New York City.
  5. The following gaps were also identified between what is important to Westchester residents and what is missing in the community: an adequate supply of affordable housing, home repair services, good job opportunities, respite care and a variety of housing options for persons with different physical abilities.

How to Use

While most Westchester community members 50+ believe that it is a good place to age in place, there are a number of gaps between what is important to older residents and what exists. Local planners and government officials can use this information as a starting point for uncovering these gaps and working towards an even more livable community for the aging population.

View full report: Going From Good to Great: A Livable Communities Survey in Westchester County, New York – 2009 (PDF  393 KB)