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International Making Cities Livable Website


Many community planners manage the growth of cities without a philosophical model or vision for how those cities should look. There are also those who believe the United States will eventually look like Europe, where livable community planning is increasingly focusing on urban communities. Therefore, sharing information and challenges on planning livable communities around the world becomes vital to the future “look” or vision of what constitutes livability. The International Making Cities Livable (IMCL) website was developed to share information, particularly in the “true urbanism” philosophy of livable communities. “True urbanism”comes with a set of principles all relating to making cities and communities more livable. The full list is online.

Key Points

The International Making Cities Livable organization holds bi-annual conferences in Europe and the U.S., and has done so since its founding in 1985. Much of the website revolves around those conferences, and the site does provide access to a wealth of articles and blog posting about livability issues worldwide.

Planners and leaders visiting the site should use two links: 1) the Store link offers “Documentation Sets”, each containing white papers that are worth perusing, and 2) the Articles link offers a range of pieces on community planning that are helpful, informative, and usually well researched.

How to Use

Planners should have a variety of approaches to livable communities in their arsenals. This makes for better planning. Understanding the approach of “true urbanism” and its different approach to livable community planning is important for determining which resources and solutions best fit one’s own city or region.

Web Resource: International Making Cities Livable Website

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