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Aging in Place: Developing a Livable Tampa Bay Region for All Ages


As home to one of the nation’s largest 65 and older populations, Tampa Bay has a timely need for comprehensive aging in place strategies. Partners for Livable Communities and the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) held their first regional workshop in Tampa, as part of their Aging in Place initiative, designed to equip communities with resources and ideas to help seniors to age in place.

Key Points

This report provides a recap of the 2007 workshop in Tampa, and highlights best practices of the Aging in Place initiative. The overall theme of the workshop was “Aging with a Comprehensive Approach,” in order to place an emphasis on community groups, government agencies, and private service providers coordinating their efforts. Three types of comprehensive planning were described, including Geographic, Issue-based, and Outreach-focused.

Other highlights from the workshop included:

  1. The workshop’s panel discussion included the need for proactive planning to ensure that Boomers can remain active as they age, a quality not seen in other generations.
  2. Major time was spent discussing the need for new homes and remodeling standards be modified to better meet the needs of older adults. Homes and neighborhoods designed to help older adults age in place have no negative effect on other age groups.
  3. The report also summarizes conversations regarding the roles of education, faith-based organizations, public advocacy, and healthcare in the aging in place process. Again, the theme is ensuring all of these services work in unison to achieve a common goal.

How to Use

The workshop recap and panel discussion summary provide a solid overview of the event. However, perhaps the most useful portion of this document is the Aging in Place best practices (page 19). Organizations nationwide can generate ideas and inspiration from successfully implemented programs in the Tampa Bay area. Each best practice represents an innovative approach in furthering the Aging in Place agenda.

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