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Creating a Livable Richmond Metro Area for All Ages – 2009


By 2030, Americans 65+ are expected to account for one-fifth of the population, doubling the current amount in this age group. Fifteen percent of residents in the Richmond metro area are 65+, and by 2030 it is expected that one out of every four residents will be over 65. This is the tenth in a series of workshop reports that were compiled to serve as a record of a statewide meeting that combined community leaders, business executives, planning organizations, service organizations and others in the Richmond area. The overall goal of the workshop was to provide necessary information on how to make communities more livable for the older adult population, allowing them to age in place for as long as possible.

Key Points

According to a nationwide study conducted in 2005, only 46 percent of communities had taken any steps to prepare for the increasing number of aging residents. This report provides tools and resources to help communities jumpstart their aging-in-place initiatives, and address the following challenges: communities have not prepared for the growing aging population, many communities do not consider planning from a regional perspective, the aging population will steadily increase the need for long-term care, businesses are going to see a major loss in employee count as Boomers retire, advocates and planners need to learn to work together to accomplish community aging goals, and communities need to consider how to accommodate the needs of aging residents.

How to Use

This report provides information about the importance of statewide collaboration in creating the most livable communities possible. It also provides numerous case studies of communities that have positively enhanced their area’s livability, as well as best practices and resources for local officials and planners hoping to make this change in their communities.

View full report: Creating a Livable Richmond Metro Area for All Ages – 2009 (PDF – 6.2 MB)

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