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American Planning Association Website


With 40,000 national members and 15,000 certified planners as members, the American Planning Association (APA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and informing planners nationwide regarding planning practices and solutions. By way of inspiration, they have forums, conferences and events designed to highlight “big ideas” and best practices. These exist to connect planners and help them dream of innovative solutions to large challenges. By way of information, members have access to many resources including publications, blogs, and research on planning. Community planners will want to use the site to connect and discover challenges and solutions facing other planners across the nation.

Key Points

The APA has a number of helpful publications, conferences and events. The site structure follows seven categories (and one link to the site). These categories include a rather deep section on the APA itself, a membership page, events, education (subcategories range from conferences to e-learning), outreach (international planning, awards, partnerships, etc.), resources (APA publications and links) and jobs and practice (career-related services for planners).

Other website highlights include:

  1. The Daniel Burnham Forum on Big Ideas is a series of conferences held nationally to identify coming trends and potential planning solutions. Those conferences are occurring across the U.S. throughout 2012 and 2013. Planners will want to participate, even if merely to expand thinking for new possibilities and opportunities in planning solutions.
  2. APA Honors is unique in that it encourages planning along all age lines, even offering high school scholarships. Especially inspiring are the National Planning Awards. The site can point planners to the best in yearly initiatives and achievements (
  3. The APA Library is online and searchable for members and non-members alike (

How to Use

The APA is an association with many opportunities and possibilities for planners. The site can be used as a way of connecting with other planners, discovering and discussing future trends, and furthering educational possibilities.

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