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Meeting the Health Care Needs of Aging Residents of Affordable Multifamily Housing – 2011


Vermont’s Support and Services at Home (SASH) program seeks to build a system of integrated long-term care for seniors by coordinating housing, healthcare, and social services. This case study produced by the Center for Housing Policy examines the efforts, opportunities, and challenges faced by SASH in providing a comprehensive approach to healthcare and housing for seniors.

Key Points

The case study provides an overview of SASH and the strides the program has made toward improving the quality of life for seniors participating in the program. During the one-year pilot phase of the program in a senior housing development in Burlington, Vermont, hospital admissions were reduced by 19 percent, physical activity and nutrition levels were improved, and none of the residents were moved to a nursing home.

“The program faces two main challenges: communicating the operating protocols and benefits of the new approach to multiple partners and ensuring that all of the program costs are covered.”

Other report highlights include:

  1. By expanding SASH across the state, an estimated $40 million in Medicare costs could be saved due to improved access to preventative care and reduced hospitalizations of seniors.
  2. The SASH program creates a tailored Community Healthy Aging Plan (CHAP) to address common health needs among residents in certain areas and communities.
  3. SASH maintains an Evidence-Based Practices Directory that cites recent research on initiatives that have been proven to improve the health and wellness of seniors and how these programs can be implemented into SASH plans.

How to Use

The case study offers a high-level of discussion regarding the SASH program, the opportunities associated with the program, the benefits for seniors who opt to participate, and the challenges of implementing the program. Planners, community leaders, and local officials can use the case study to gain an understanding of the initiatives the SASH program intends to implement in order to improve seniors’ quality of life through an integrated long-term care system in an affordable housing community.

View full report: Meeting the Health Care Needs of Aging Residents of Affordable Multifamily Housing – 2011 (PDF – 556 KB)

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