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Center for Excellence in Assisted Living Website


In 2001, the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging created a national initiative called the Assisted Living Workgroup (ALW) that brought organizations together to develop recommendations for quality assurance in assisted living. The Center for Excellence in Assisted Living (CEAL) is a coalition of 11 of those original organizations, formalized to create an ongoing source of information on assisted living. This website is home to the CEAL Clearinghouse — their national library of information — as well as archived columns, reports, and press releases relating to assisted living.

Key Points

CEAL’s stated mission is “to foster high quality assisted living by bringing together diverse stakeholders.” A major part of this mission requires the maintenance of the Clearinghouse of information, which allows user to search their database for topics relevant to them. The “News and Reports” tab highlights CEAL’s featured column, as well as archived columns, each of which was written by CEAL board members or invited guest writers. As certain assisted living issues become timely and newsworthy, CEAL publishes press releases and other reports; these are also archived on the website.

How to Use

The CEAL website is a very thorough source of information on assisted living-related issues. However, it should be noted that some of the information is slightly outdated, as the “featured column” hasn’t been updated in more than 18 months. Even so, community planners from around the country who need to understand assisted living issues can use this website to access relevant information.

Web Resource: Center for Excellence in Assisted Living Website

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