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National Survey of Mobile Home Owners – 1999


At the time of this study, mobile homes provided housing for approximately 7 percent of the U.S. population, and according to census data, 44 percent of mobile homeowners were age 50 and older. This AARP study was conducted on mobile home users to document the extent to which homeowners have experienced problems with the construction and/or installation of their mobile homes. Additionally, the study explored how the homeowners dealt with the stated problems.

Key Points

To understand better the degree to which mobile homeowners have experienced problems with the construction of their mobile homes, a sample of 933 respondents were surveyed to discuss issues with the construction of their mobile homes and the action they took to deal with each issue. As reported in the study, 31 percent of respondents were 50 years of age or older. The survey respondents were asked if they had experienced any problems from a list of 12 general types of mobile home problems. The three most common problems reported from the list were issues pertaining to interior fit and finish (37 percent), trouble with windows and doors (35 percent), and problems with general mobile home construction (31 percent). Fewer than half of survey respondents said “they were aware of how to contact the government officials who regulate the manufactured housing industry.”

Other report highlights, specific to the older adult population include:

  1. Aging mobile homeowners were more likely to know how to contact government regulators.
  2. Older respondents (50+) tended to have a longer average warranty coverage than younger respondents.
  3. Over 75 percent of mobile homeowners reported having at least one problem with their mobile home’s construction and/or installation.
  4. The older homeowners surveyed were less likely to report having problems than those under 50.

How to Use

The study provides an in-depth look at the demographics of mobile homeowners, the common problems they face regarding their homes, and how they respond to these problems. The resulting feedback from the survey lends itself as an opportunity for community planners and officials to improve the quality of mobile homes and mobile home developments that will continue to make this housing option a viable and affordable solution to home ownership.

View full report: National Survey of Mobile Home Owners – 1999 (PDF – 141 KB)

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