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The Community Toolbox


The Community Toolbox is a resource for information on essential skills for building healthy communities. It provides a plethora of information on creating change and improvement.

Key Points

The Community Toolbox provides how-to guidance and toolkits, as well as information on troubleshooting and solving problems, and evidence-based practices. It is built around a simple model for taking action in any community that includes assessing, planning, acting, evaluating and sustaining.

Other toolbox highlights include:

  1. The guide is broken down into 13chapters, including promoting community health and development, promoting interest in community issues, assessing community needs and resources, developing a strategic plan, recruiting and training staff and volunteers, analyzing community problems and solutions, changing policies, maintaining quality performance, and getting grants and financial resources, amongst other things.
  2. There are also 16 toolkits aimed at the work that specific communities might be doing. Each toolkit provides key tasks, examples, and tools for support.
  3. Common problems for each situation are listed along with reflection questions that guide you to the proper resources (e.g., guide chapters and toolkits).

How to Use

This toolkit provides a wealth of information for local planners and community leaders interested in changing and improving the health and well being of their community. With toolkits and problem-solving techniques, amongst other things, this is a great place to go for connecting with people, ideas and resources.

View the website: The Community Toolbox

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