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Journal of Aging and Health Website – 1989-2012


The single most dominant issue related to planning to meet the needs of an older America is health. The health of a growing older demographic impacts transportation, health services, housing, and a host of other age-related categories. As community planners and local governments carefully monitor the health of their senior populations, it is important that they consider which cures, solutions, challenges and health trends are on the rise. The Journal of Aging and Health website is a rich resource for the latest thinking and research on those health issues impacting seniors everywhere.

Key Points

The Journal of Aging and Health is a subscription peer-reviewed academic journal that also has a website that posts all of its publication issues and articles online. The articles are searchable by month, year, or topic since 1989. Each article has an abstract for easy review and is downloadable as a pdf file. This means local leaders can search specifically to find relevant information to them. Moreover, they can pay per article if they would prefer not to subscribe.

Other website highlights include:

  1. Health information is useful if it is timely. The website has an “Online” page, meaning the articles first appear online before they go to print. This means that planners and leaders can get the latest thinking without having to wait for traditional publication.
  2. There are five Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds including: Current Issue Only, Recent Issues, OnlineFirst Articles, Most Frequently Read Articles, and Most Frequently Cited Articles. This means that anything posted online within those categories is automatically sent to the user as a summary and links to related articles. Think of this as a “headline” feed for busy planners –rather than having to grab headlines, the headlines come to them. For those who prefer emails, there is an option for that as well.

How to Use

Community planners, local governments and leaders should use the site to stay informed of advances or challenges in health and aging issues for seniors. Understanding which issues are dominant for Aging and Health facilitates better communication with medical, health, transportation, housing, and other related departments. In addition, it may help planners in meeting the health-related needs of seniors in their local areas.

Web Resource: Journal of Aging and Health Website – 1989-2012

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