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American Geriatrics Website


There is a shortage of geriatric specialists in the United States, and as the U.S. grows older, so too will the need for geriatric care. The American Geriatrics website helps leaders and planners interested in resources, information, and incentivizing geriatric care programs, as well as functions as an online resource for geriatric care professionals. The “Public Policy and Advocacy” section, which provides information about AGS programs and other resources, may be particularly helpful.

Key Points

The AGS site offers resources for community planners and local leaders. For those who are trying to identify programs that can help provide better quality medical care for older adults in their communities, the place to start is the “Public Policy and Advocacy” section. The “Care Coordination” section includes information on programs and coalitions, many of which can be across the country. There are also links to the states with local chapters.

Other website highlights include:

  1. Worth a look is the “Publications” link on the far right. It includes journal subscriptions and pdf articles, along with a related iGeriatrics App. This in combination with the AGS Facts and Figures page which lists Geriatric pdf reports under a variety of headings (workforce, care coordination, etc.) can be especially helpful for research purposes.
  2. The AGS Foundation for Health in Aging is the public education branch of the AGS.  This page works in tandem with the Health Care Professionals category, in which there is helpful information for those within the field of geriatrics.
  3. Community planners, may want to go directly to the Health in Aging website with whom the Foundation is associated. The Health in Aging website covers health and education issues, such as prevalence of various chronic conditions in different geographic regions. The website is a helpful resource for those wishing to find out more about those conditions and ways to address them.  

How to Use

Planners, local leaders, and local governments will want to consider engaging geriatric professionals in their own age planning. The AGS site offers information on state efforts, as well as national efforts that can be implemented locally through coalitions. For those trying to enable older adults to “age in place,” the AGS offers a variety of ideas and programs worth exploring.

Web Resource: American Geriatrics Website

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