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Developing a Livable Arizona for all Ages: Workforce Development and Nonprofit Capacity Building – 2008


By the year 2020, more than one quarter of Arizona’s population is expected to be over the age of 60. Partners for Livable Communities and the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging conducted an Aging in Place Initiative workshop to address the issue of “workforce development and nonprofit capacity building” for Arizona’s older adult population. This report, the second in a series, discusses the outcomes of the workshop held in Phoenix regarding the efforts and best practices in Arizona to provide meaningful work opportunities to the state’s older adults.

Key Points

The age shift in Arizona will soon have a substantial affect on the state’s workforce since many businesses will have nearly 50 percent of their employees eligible for retirement. However, Arizona leads the nation in finding innovative ways to provide work opportunities for its older adult population. The report provides a snapshot of the workshop findings that address the challenge Arizona will soon face regarding its workforce and potential labor shortages and the best practices to keep older adults engaged in the workforce.

Other report highlights include:

  1. About one in four Arizonans is a member of the Boomer generation. Boomers and older adults can prevent workforce shortages by being “recareered” into new industries.
  2. Arizona implemented the ageWORKS program to match low income adults age 55 and older with their desired job and ensure program participants have everything they need to be successful in the job.
  3. GateWay Community College’s Boomer Workforce Transition Center seeks to partner with employers in the health care, education, and social service industries to assist Boomers in filling labor shortages in these fields by providing recruiting, screening, and training to program participants.

How to Use

The report offers an in-depth discussion of how the future demographic shift in Arizona will impact the state’s workforce, solutions to combat the issue of labor shortages, and the existing practices and programs that seek to engage Boomers and older adults in the workforce and nonprofit organizations. Local officials and community leaders can use this report to gain an understanding of the steps Arizona is taking to accommodate the changing needs of its aging workforce and programs the state has implemented to involve older adults in organizations that will benefit their communities.

View full report: Developing a Livable Arizona for all Ages: Workforce Development and Nonprofit Capacity Building – 2008 (PDF – 3.8 MB)

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