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Bureau of Labor Statistics Website


As older Americans live longer, they are also working longer. Understanding labor trends and data will help local governments, leaders, and community planners meet the challenges and demands of tomorrow’s workforce. In addition, it will inform how to mitigate challenges related to the income gap as it pertains to inflation and retired seniors living on fixed incomes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has a robust site full of downloadable, up-to-date information with local applications.

Key Points

Users to the site should spend time on the home page, where downloadable resources and links are found within a large table. The table is divided up into 13 sections, each of which is hyperlinked and easily accessed at the top of the table. These 13 categories include: inflation & prices, employment, unemployment, pay & benefits, spending & time use, productivity, workplace injuries, international, employment projections, regional resources, historical news release, tables, maps and calculators. While all 13 are pertinent for local planning purposes, there are four that planners should examine first because they can have immediate impact. Those are inflation & prices, employment projections, and regional resources.

How to Use

It is too often that a site has an overwhelming amount of information featured on its home page that can be confusing for local governments, planners and community leaders. Thankfully, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has taken a vast amount of information and made it easy to understand. Local planners and community leaders will want to use the site to compare projections and trends with local planning efforts.

View the website: Bureau of Labor Statistics Website

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