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Leadership Council of Aging Organizations Website


The Leadership Council of Aging (LCOA) is a national leadership coalition of 66 non-profits focusing on age-related policies and solutions. Membership is by invitation-only. Community planners and local government officials will discover through this website many age-related policy reports, documents and fact sheets, as well aspossibly a coalition or two worth joining.

Key Points

Planners and local governments looking for policy-related resources should head directly to the “Legislative Agenda” link. Though new policy pdfs are posted on the main site, this page is replete with downloadable pdf letters and fact sheets. The many pdfs provided are related to LCOA’s legislative efforts. These efforts are notable due to the power of the diverse age-related membership organizations working with LCOA, including AARP, the National Alliance on Caregiving, n4a, and others. See a full list of members.

How to Use

Knowing and uniting in legislative efforts are keys to creating a unified, positive approach to age planning preparation. Large and small organizations alike are joining together to lobby for changes that can help facilitate better options, information and services for older adults. Use this site as a way of keeping informed on legislative issues and contact points.

Web Resource: Leadership Council of Aging Organizations Website

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