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Silverprint Colorado Website – 2007-2012


Silverprint Colorado is an independent organization that brings together differing community organizations (government, business, education, philanthropic, and non-profit institutions) to work together on age-related issues in Colorado. The website focuses on five topic areas: long-term care, transportation, training & awareness, health & wellness and civic engagement. Each of the topic areas contains resources and best practices. Community planners and local governments seeking a way to bring together different community segments into a coordinated whole can use Silverprint Colorado as a basic model.

Key Points

The first two topics, long-term care and transportation, provide subcommittee meeting notes, links, best practices (local and national), funding opportunities and upcoming events. The initial momentum of the effort behind the site seems to have slowed, based on when the site was last updated. However, much of the information is still relevant to those seeking resource or planning tools. Community planners should focus on the library, best practices and links pages. The three other topics (training & awareness, health & wellness, civic engagement) have primarily “educational resources” (links to organizations), though the health & wellness library link also has good information.

How to Use

Though the website provides little information on the Silverprint Colorado organization or initiative itself, it is a good source of information and resources for community planners nationwide. For further information regarding the initiative, planners can contact those mentioned under the various subcommittee pages. In addition, Silverprint Colorado is an example of an effort from various community sectors to come together for mutual age-related causes. Planners can use the site in combination with the Older Dominion Partnership website ( as good starting points for structuring local collaborative efforts.

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