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Civic Ventures/Encore Careers Website


Encore Careers (formerly Civic Ventures) exists to encourage older people to solve “society’s greatest problems – from education to the environment, health care to homelessness.” They offer $500,000+ per year to burgeoning entrepreneurs engaged in civic activities. This is important for community planners and local leaders searching for ways to harness the experience and ambitions of older people in their area.

Key Points

The site is organized into three broad categories: Learn, Work, and Connect. The “Learn” section introduces the user to basic information about Encore. The “Work” category is designed to help the older population find ways to receive training and/or employment by various enterprises. The “Connect” category puts older people and businesses in dialogue with oneanother and provides some encouraging stories for moving forward.

While Encore offers job opportunities, ideas, and connectivity for Boomers searching for new ways to make a difference societally, the real gem of Encore lies in its annual Purpose Prize. The Purpose Prize awards $100,000 for Boomers who have started something beneficial and successful in solving some of society’s toughest problems. Five prizes are awarded each year. The winners of the Purpose Prize not only garner national attention, but also serve as inspiration and aspiration for localities trying to harness the experience of its aging demographic.

How to Use

Community planners and local leaders will want to use the site as a resource for determining how best to celebrate and encourage ways its older population can solve local social challenges. As people live longer, the desire of older adults to contribute to society will also increase. Those leaders and planners who can find ways to reward initiatives to do so have the opportunity to strengthen their communities.

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