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AARP Livable Communities Transportation Workshop: Keynote Speakers

Watch presentations from Veronica O. Davis, Toks Omishakin and Karina Ricks

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As seen on screen (clockwise from top left): Veronica O. Davis, Toks Omishakin and Karina Ricks.

The AARP Livable Communities Transportation Workshop featured three distinguished speakers, each of whom had to participate via computer — as did all workshop attendees — due to social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Veronica O. Davis: "How Do You Eat an Elephant? One Bite at a Time"

AARP Livable Communities Transportation Workshop

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  • Co-Founder, Nspiregreen | Co-Founder, Black Women Bike DC
    A self-described "transportation nerd," Davis believes all people should have access to safe, reliable and affordable transportation. As the co-owner and principal of Nspiregreen, Davis is responsible for the management of transportation planning, policy development, master planning, sustainability analysis and long-range planning. 

Toks Omishakin: "Three Pandemics"

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  • Director, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) 
    Omishakin manages a $15 billion budget and nearly 21,000 employees who oversee 50,000 lane miles of highways, maintain 13,000 bridges, provide permitting of more than 400 public-use airports, fund three of Amtrak’s busiest intercity rail services, and provide transit support to more than 200 local and regional transit authorities. 

Karina Ricks: "Innovate + Iterate — Pittsburgh Mobility"

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  • Director, City of Pittsburgh, Department of Mobility and Infrastructure
    As the department's inaugural director, Ricks leads the city's efforts to design and implement a "complete network," establish resiliency projects around landslides and flooding, create policies and programs to manage emerging transportation (including shared services and autonomous vehicles) as well as strategies to address long-term sustainability. 

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