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AARP Walk Audit Worksheets

11 printable, shareable forms and checklists for field taking notes and making observations about a street or area's safe walkability

The AARP Walk Audit Worksheets are easy to print from home, easy to complete, and easy to use by anyone who wants to make their community more livable and pedestrian-friendly for people of all ages. Each worksheet can be used on its own or in combination with other worksheets. Each can be printed anew for observing a different street or block. 

AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit worksheets

AARP Livable Communities

Follow the instructions below to download and share these printable worksheets, which are available as individual worksheets or as a 11-collection download. Scroll down to see the pages at full size.

Take Action!

Share your walk audit findings with local leaders, elected officials and members of civic organizations and neighborhood groups. Advocate for changes that will address the most egregious problems and be of benefit to the community.

See page 18 of the AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit for information about reporting results and proposing solutions. 

A walk audit can occur in a single-location or along a route between destinations (aka a mobile walk audit).

We encourage printing, photocopying and sharing the worksheets so numerous walk auditors — working solo or as part of a team — can observe and document the safety of a community's streets and sidewalks.

Download the worksheets

This page includes links for downloading individual worksheets as well as for downloading the complete 11-worksheet collection. Choose from a one-page worksheet or a two-page large-type version — in either a printable or editable PDF format.

Scroll down to see and flip through the worksheets while online. 

The Printable Collection

(for completing by hand)

Single-sheet worksheets (11 pages)  |  Large-type worksheets (22 pages)

  1. Make a Map: One-Pager  | Large-Type 
  2. Who’s Using the Street — and Why? One-Pager | Large-Type 
  3. Sidewalk, Streets and Crossings (single-location audit): One-Pager | Large-Type
  4. Sidewalk, Streets and Crossings (walking audit): One-Pager | Large-Type 
  5. Sidewalks: One-Pager | Large-Type 
  6. Streets and Crossings: One-Pager | Large-Type 
  7. Street Safety and Appeal: One-Pager | Large-Type 
  8. Public Transit Access: One-Pager | Large-Type 
  9. Build a Better Block: One-Pager | Large-Type
  10. Winter Weather: One-Pager | Large-Type
  11. Summary Worksheet: One-Pager | Large-Type

The Editable PDF Collection

(for completing on a computer)

Single-sheet worksheets (11 pages)  |  Large-type worksheets (22 pages)

  1. Make a Map: One-Pager  | Large-Type   (this one requires drawing so isn't editable)
  2. Who’s Using the Street — and Why? One-Pager | Large-Type 
  3. Sidewalk, Streets and Crossings (single-location audit): One-Pager | Large-Type
  4. Sidewalk, Streets and Crossings (walking audit): One-Pager | Large-Type 
  5. Sidewalks: One-Pager | Large-Type 
  6. Streets and Crossings: One-Pager | Large-Type 
  7. Street Safety and Appeal: One-Pager | Large-Type 
  8. Public Transit Access: One-Pager | Large-Type 
  9. Build a Better Block: One-Pager | Large-Type
  10. Winter Weather: One-Pager | Large-Type
  11. Summary Worksheet: One-Pager | Large-Type

View the Worksheets

If you are not able to see the PDF, please click here to open in a new tab.


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