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Housing needs change as we age, but it's possible for our homes and communities to be livable for people of all ages and life stages


1950s Family

Housing for a Changing America

Filled with infographics, ideas, solutions, photographs and floor plans, Making Room is a rallying cry for a wider menu of housing options. Learn how to get a free copy of this 84-page publication from AARP and the National Building Museum.

Accessory Dwelling Units

The ABCs of ADUs

Accessory Dwelling Units — commonly known as backyard bungalows, garage apartments and so-called granny flats — are small homes that exist on the same property lot as a single-family residence. Download or order our free, photo-filled ADU guides. 

Logo from the AARP HomeFit Guide

AARP HomeFit

What if a home could be suitable for anyone, regardless of a person’s age or physical ability? The AARP HomeFit Guide was created to help people stay in the homes they love by turning where they live into a "lifelong home," suitable for themselves and anyone in their household.

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