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Get Wheelchair Wise - A Wheelchair User's Guide to Public Transport


Public transport can pose safety hazards and accessibility issues for wheelchair users. However, with accurate information and guidance, public transport can be a viable option for all residents – regardless of age or physical ability. This wheelchair user’s guide to public transport produced by the U.K. Department of Transport provides information related to infrastructure needs for wheelchair and scooter users, standards for transport, and safety considerations. Key issues for wheelchair users are addressed in this report including preparing for travel, getting on and off public transport, and safety features on board.

Key Points

Wheelchair users are finding that more and more public transport is becoming accessible due to new regulations that will require future trains and buses to be designed so that more wheelchair users can travel on them. This guide provides basic facts for wheelchair users who use public transport, or are looking to start.

This site provides links to numerous helpful resources for disabled persons looking to utilize public transport including an assessment of accessibility standards for disabled people in public transport vehicles.

How to Use

Transportation planners and local officials can use this site to gain an understanding of the steps taken in the U.K. to provide more access to public transport among disabled people. The approaches they have used to improve access and safety of public transport should be considered when planning public transportation in other areas.

View Web Site: Get Wheelchair Wise: A Wheelchair User's Guide to Public Transport

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