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The Retirement Research Foundation Website


In challenging economic times, older adult service providers often face budgetary issues. The Retirement Research Foundation (RRF), a Chicago-based organization dedicated to improving quality of life for older adults in vulnerable situations, has granted nearly $200 million in program funding since 1978. Their website provides information relating to the grants and funding programs available to nonprofit organizations, as well as other age-related resources.

Key Points

The RRF’s grant programs are designed to support innovative service, education, and research projects that benefit older Americans, both in Chicago and nationwide. RRF Grants are available for nonprofit organizations anywhere in the United States that focus on advocacy, research, or education for older adults. The Organizational Capacity Building (OCB) Program is available only to Chicago-area nonprofit organizations in need of improvements to their management or governance. Finally, the Accessible Faith Program supports Chicago-area places of worship that are looking to make their facilities more accessible, in order to increase participation in their programs and activities. Applications and further eligibility requirements can be found on this website.

How to Use

Community planners can point local nonprofit organizations that serve older adults to this website to find available financial and information resources. Organizations looking for additional funding for relevant projects may be eligible for RRF grants, as long as they can demonstrate financial need. As stated above, two programs are specifically designed for Chicago-area organizations, perhaps making this website slightly more applicable to them. Also, while the grant programs are certainly the biggest draw, service providers simply looking for more information can find those resources as well.

View website: The Retirement Research Foundation Website

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