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One Call – One Click: Transportation Services Toolkit


One call-one click provides customer friendly mobility management solutions for community members of all ages, by providing customers with a single contact to find out about transportation services. United We Ride created this toolkit for community planners and leaders to receive information about one call-one click services, learn from others that have utilized this method, and determine whether these services are appropriate for their community. While these services are important for community members of all ages, easing the transportation burden of older adults that no long have the ability to drive is an important issue to consider in order to make communities more livable for this growing senior population.

Key Points

One call-one click services can be Internet or phone based, depending on the needs of the local community. To begin the process of determining what the community needs are, and whether one call-one click services are right for their area, planners and leaders should look at the guide provided that is specifically for people interested in starting one call-one click services. It includes a self-assessment to help determine whether these services are appropriate for the community, and action-planning tools for starting a one call-one click service.

Other highlighted toolkit contents include:

  1. Local profiles: These are case studies of communities that have implemented one call-one click services that can serve as a guide for other communities interested in doing the same.
  2. Supplemental resources: This section provides results of a nationwide survey that includes information on possible partnerships to consider, as well as functions of one call-one click services, and information that will help determine whether your community should implement these services.
  3. Factsheets: There are five factsheets provided on the website that include information about one call-one click transportation services, the functions of these services, common issues of them, steps to beginning a one call-one click service.

How to Use

Beyond the tools mentioned above, there is also information on financing the operation of one call-one click centers for local leaders and planners interested in initiating this service in their community.  Additionally, there are helpful webinars provided, as well as tips from the field, key organizations, and a glossary of terms that might be useful.

View the website: One Call – One Click: Transportation Services Toolkit

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