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Oklahoma United We Ride


The Oklahoma United We Ride program was established in 2006 as part of a larger national initiative to improve coordination in transportation services. The purpose of the initiative is to assess existing transportation services and funding programs and determine which are the most effective and efficient. The vision of the Oklahoma United We Ride program is to “create an Oklahoma transportation system that supports/meets the needs of all Oklahoma citizens including older adults, people with disabilities and low income individuals.”

Key Points

Through the Oklahoma United We Ride website, planners and local officials can learn more about the steps Oklahoma has taken to improve its transportation systems, services and programs. A strategic action plan that outlines clear goals and objectives is provided on the organization’s website, as well as numerous useful links to Oklahoma’s existing transportation programs in rural and urban areas.

Goals of the Oklahoma United We Ride program include:

  1. Evaluate Oklahoma’s most effective and efficient use of public transportation programs funded with state and federal resources.
  2. Assess mobility barriers faced by people with special transportation needs and identify opportunities to improve specialized transportation services.
  3. Enhance citizen access to all available transportation programs and resources by assessing gaps in services.

How to Use

This site provides many helpful resources that local governments and planners can use to establish a similar program in their own community. The United We Ride strategic plan and execution strategy is worth a look for any community seeking help in improving local transportation programs and services. The transit resources provided under the “Useful Links” section of the site would be helpful for any community leader looking for guidance in establishing similar transit improvement projects.

View the website: Oklahoma United We Ride

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