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City of New Haven Complete Streets Design Manual


Of the 10 largest cities in New England, New Haven, CT has the highest percentage of residents who walk to work. The Complete Streets Steering Committee produced this manual to examine the progress New Haven has made toward improving street safety for pedestrians and drivers alike. The Design Manual is intended to act as a guide for planners’ on-going complete streets projects in New Haven and beyond.

Key Points

The manual examines the benefits that complete streets offer to all road users. Complete streets support connectivity between destinations, making walking and cycling efficient modes of transportation. The guiding principles for New Haven Complete Streets are outlined in the manual and include livability, connectivity, human health, land use context, and economic development, among other things (page 25). These guidelines lay the framework for New Haven’s Complete Streets design process that is discussed in Chapter 5 of the manual. In addition to discussing the benefits of complete streets and how to establish complete streets projects, the manual emphasizes the importance of measuring the effectiveness of complete streets and provides guidelines for how and what to measure to determine the effectiveness of a project.

Other report highlights include:

  1. Complete Streets Toolbox: Provides examples of complete streets features that have been implemented in certain areas of New Haven, including sidewalk widening, pavement markings, speed humps, and refuge islands, along with other traffic calming tools.
  2. Vision Zero: New Haven embraces this policy that seeks to achieve the goal of zero traffic-related fatalities and works toward developing a street network that can tolerate mistakes without risking human life.

The Design Manual is an excellent resource for planners looking to improve streets and pedestrian infrastructure in their communities. The manual provides step-by-step guidelines and instructions to help planners and community leaders establish effective and efficient complete streets projects.

How to Use

Planners and community leaders looking to improve street networks in their community can use this detailed manual to get an idea of the progress New Haven has made toward improving road safety for all road users by establishing complete streets. The Complete Streets Toolbox is a great place to start for any community planner looking for ideas on complete street design features.

View full report: City of New Haven Complete Streets Design Manual (PDF – 9.3 MB)

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