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Sustainable Communities Resource Center


A sustainable community is one that has a variety of housing and transportation options that are close to jobs, school, and retail shops. The community has a strong local economy, is energy efficient, and helps to protect clean air and water. Sustainability promotes the development of livable communities that enhance safety, security, independence, and active engagement in community life, for all community members, and especially older adults. For this reason, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) organized The Sustainable Communities Resource Center. This online resource center helps to provide the public with a comprehensive set of information that supports local and regional strategies, with a particular emphasis on sustainable housing and planning.

Key Points

The Sustainable Communities Resource Center provides easy access to best practices, cutting edge research, new reports and resources, and spotlights innovation in the field. Main sections on the website include: About, Newsletter, Research Grants, Partnership, and Resources.

Additional Resource Center information:

  • Newsletter: This section of the resource center touches on a variety of topics of importance to local planners, officials and others interested in building sustainable communities. For example, the influence of dedicated paths and lanes on bike commuting, energy savings in multifamily building retrofits, and mixed-use, transit-oriented development.
  • Research Grants: The Sustainable Communities Research Grant Program supports research efforts that both build on existing studies in the broad area of sustainability and evaluate new and existing tools and strategies that promote and implement more effective policies that support sustainability.
  • Resources: This section provides information that supports local and regional sustainability strategies, with a particular emphasis on sustainable housing and planning. Topics include rural, tribal and small town sustainability, economic competitiveness, regional planning, housing and transportation choices, green building, and healthy communities.

How to Use

The entire Sustainable Communities Resource Center is valuable for local planners and leaders looking to make the communities in which they live and work more sustainable. Specifically, there is a vast amount of resources available that discuss areas of importance to any community leaders or planners focused on sustainability efforts. Additionally, the research grant program is something for any planners or leaders interested in conducting primary or secondary research to consider.

View the website: Sustainable Communities Resource Center

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