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Making Smart Growth Happen Website


Smart growth combines livability and sustainability in a way that embraces all generations. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers many resources to community planners and local leaders seeking to implement smart growth policies and projects, including news updates, basic information, publications and resources, and webinars regarding smart growth. But the most valuable assets can be found on the EPA sponsored link and website, Making Smart Growth Happen.

Key Points

The Making Smart Growth Happen website is divided into four sections: technical assistance, tools, partnerships, and grants. Each link leads to its own online page with descriptions of projects and resources.

Other report highlights include:

  1. Technical Assistance: Lists technical assistance for implementing smart growth initiatives. For example, clicking on the “Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities” link takes the user to a page with a backgrounder, information on how the EPA assists communities, a list of those communities already assisted, and a video case study.
  2. Tools: There are ten tools listed, which include tools for mixed-use trips, green initiatives, fixes for zoning codes, and sample requests for RFP’s, amongst others.
  3. Partnerships:Lists organizations that have partnered to coordinate smart growth efforts. This leads to many resources and opportunities for local planners to implement smart growth strategies.
  4. Grants: Leads to EPA Smart Growth grants.

How to Use

The site has one focus: providing local planners and leaders with the practical resources they need to initiate and implement smart growth planning. The site is especially helpful and robust in its tools and technical assistance sections. Overall, it should be used as an information source and how-to guide for local smart growth initiatives.

View website: Making Smart Growth Happen Website

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