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Livable New York Resource Manual: Sustainable Communities for all Ages


The Livable New York Resource Manual is one of the best resources available today.

New York, like rest of the nation, is experiencing a substantial increase in its older adult population due to the aging of the Boomer generation. New York is also known for its cultural and ethnic diversity. The New York State Office for the Aging developed the Livable New York Resource Manual to help all planners in their efforts to create livable communities for residents of all ages and abilities. The manual is intended to be a “living” resource that will be continually updated and added to, ensuring the information is as up-to-date and relevant as possible.

Currently, the resource manual provides 125 articles – each related to a successful or innovative approach or strategy for creating livable communities. The articles found throughout the manual are devoted to Livable New York’s main focus areas: housing, planning, zoning and development, design, and mobility and transportation.  

Key Points

The manual provides information on existing strategies, models, and approaches implemented in New York and across the country that can be used by any community planner looking to improve the livability of his/her community. The information presented in the manual is also intended to aid local officials, community leaders, policymakers, and citizens trying to create livable communities by examining improvements that can be made to local housing, community design, and transportation services. For each approach or strategy, a description is provided along with the benefits and barriers communities may face in implementing such a strategy.

The articles provided in the manual include information about:

  1. Housing options for older adults, including cohousing, active adult communities, continued care retirement communities, and housing counseling for older adults.
  2. Universal design in homes and communities, demonstrating the benefits of complete streets, improved walkability in communities, and smart homes/home automation, among other innovations.
  3. Comprehensive planning, including strategies such as mixed-use zoning and transit-oriented development.
  4. Mobility and transportation services for older adults, incorporating features like complete streets, older driver assistance networks, and safe driving strategies.

How to Use

This manual is perhaps the best resource on livable community planning available today. It is an excellent resource for all planners, local officials, and community leaders seeking guidance for improving the livability of their communities. Planners and local officials can use the up-to-date articles presented in manual to gain an understanding of the improvements other areas are making to create livable communities through housing, design, and transportation innovations.

View full report: Livable New York Resource Manual: Sustainable Communities for all Ages (PDF – 313 KB)

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