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Funding Resources


Age ready projects and initiatives cover a wide range of topics. As the world grows older, planning will change in nearly every aspect of society – livability, transportation, health, product design, etc. Getting projects completed requires more than enthusiasm. They require funding. Community planners can use this resource as a way to explore three primary funding options for key categories including housing, transportation, livability, health and sustainability.

Key Points

The linked resource page breaks down each category into three primary groups: federal, state/regional/local, and private sources of funding. Funding resources for multiple categories are listed appropriately per category.

Other resource highlights include:

  • Federal funding resources: Federal funding are those resource options for age ready programs and initiatives utilizing federal funds. Some of these are provided to state departments or organizations appropriately. Others are available directly. One example is the Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative - TLCI Planning Grant Program: provides federal funding for communities to conduct planning of transportation improvements that make communities more livable or explore innovative design concepts through a community-based planning process.
  • State/regional/local resources: As states, regions or metropolitan areas begin to localize age ready planning initiatives, they are often open to funding specific projects that relate to their goals. The benefit of this is that rather than utilizing a strict “top-down” approach, many of these resources have a “bottom-up” effect, wherein the local idea is funded by local, state or city resources. One example of this is the Livable Centers Initiative (LCI): is an Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) program that awards planning grants for local governments and nonprofit organizations preparing plans for existing livable centers.
  • Private resources: There are a number of private foundations and resources nationally that can be utilized for local age ready initiatives and projects. These vary broadly, but generally help to provide a broader net for those initiatives or projects that do not fit neatly into a singular federal or state/city category. One example is the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation which provides the largest portion of its funds to help with older America - to develop caregiving initiatives, workforce initiatives, and improving their quality of life:

How to Use

Planners can utilize the listing of funding resources to 1) identify potential sources of funding within a specific category (transportation, housing, livability, sustainability, etc.), 2) determine which funding options work best for their initiatives, and 3) to begin the application process. Those planners who use a variety of resourcing option are likely to find greater momentum in getting age ready.

View full report: Funding Resources (PDF – 39 KB)

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