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National Association of County Planners Website


The National Association of County Planners (NACP) is an organization that brings together resources and opportunities for county plannersnationwide. The website serves four functions: 1) to inform the planner about the NACP, 2) to provide resources regarding county planning by other county planners, 3) as a job board for county planners, 4) as a means to connect county planners and planning initiatives through NACP membership and conferences. Community planners and city leaders will need to know about this resource when working with issues surrounding rural and urban planning on a county level.

Key Points

TheNACP website has two highlights: the resource section and the jobs sections. The resource section is listed as a “blog,” but it is far more. The site uses Scribd as a way of posting plans and downloading them between planners within a variety of categories. These categories include  economic development, environmental protection, grants resources, natural areas/parks, ordinances/codes, planning process, RFPs, transportation and working lands.The second highlight is the job posting site, whichoffers specific employment opportunities to planners.

How to Use

The simplicity and pragmatic approach to the NACP website as a source of robust information exchange for county planners is not to be underestimated. County planners or city planners in rural or urban settings are certain to find information they can use for their own area. NACP conferences will also be important for members in that they provide a rare point of connectivity at the county level to exchange ideas and solutions.

View website: National Association of County Planners Website

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