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A naturally occurring retirement community (NORC) is a community or neighborhood with a growing population of seniors. By 2050, nearly 88.5 million residents will be 65 and older, more than doubling from 40.2 million in 2010. This will result in a rise in the number of NORCs nationally. Recognizing the need for step-by-step guides in planning for older populations, the United Hospital Fund has created a NORC toolbox complete with online resources for planners and local leaders.

Key Points

The Toolbox has a list of NORC worksheets, checklists and models. Specifically, there are many tools in this NORC toolbox for local planning. These range from templates for planning action meetings to community mapping guides to budget workbooks. There are 30 tools in all (including a logic model) and all are designed to be practical and actionable. This toolbox is less about theory and more about the actual practice of planning, includingbasic forms one might need for a meeting, mission statement guidelines, and evaluation resources, amongst others.

How to Use

For planners searching for ways to save time in printing resources that enable smart planning, the NORC toolbox is a good starting point. It has easy-to-use forms and examples. Additionally, it provides basic information necessary for the planning process that can be utilized by any local planner or leader. There is also a search function to help in the process of finding the right tool at the right time.

View website: NORC Toolbox

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