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Compendium of Community Aging Initiatives


With the upcoming age shift rapidly approaching, new strategies must be implemented in communities to allow seniors to age in place. UC Berkley’s Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services created this compendium with the help of MetLife Foundation to outline aging initiatives that have been created to establish age-friendly communities throughout the U.S.

Key Points

The compendium examines more than 100 aging initiatives, programs and efforts, and provides a detailed description of the initiative, as well as accomplishments achieved because of the initiative. The initiatives featured in the compendium have one common goal: provide communities with the ability to support healthy and successful aging in place. These initiatives focus on improving housing, transportation, and long-term care systems to ensure older adults can remain independent and involved in the community as they age. Many age-friendly community design programs that could be used as models for local plannersare provided throughout the compendium.

Initiatives featured in the compendium include:

  1. 2020 Plan: Aging in Community: This provides a guide for communities preparing for the substantial growth of the senior population by offering predictions about future challenges that will be faced and potential solutions.
  2. NORC – Neighbor to Neighbor (Ocean County: A program that delivers social services to isolated seniors, proving them with a sense of safety and allowing them to age in place. 
  3. Beacon Hill Village: A consumer-driven, non-profit organization that offers village members, age 50 and older, with the services they need to enhance their lives and remain in their community as they age.
  4. Seniors Count: A New Hampshire initiative implemented to coordinate aging services and support the independence and well-being of older adults.

How to Use

This report provides a comprehensive resource for planners, local officials, and community leaders looking for guidance in creating and implementing aging initiatives in their community. The compendium can be used to gain an understanding of initiatives and programs that have helped accomplish successful aging strategies in different areas across the country.

View full report: Compendium of Community Aging Initiatives (2010) (PDF – 1.3 MB)

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