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Livable New York Resource Manual: Sustainable Communities for all Ages – Housing


As the number of older adults increase, particularly seniors age 85+, their housing preferences and housing-related service needs will require increased attention from community planners and government officials. This section of the Livable New York Resource Manual, created by the New York Office for the Aging, addresses alternative housing options for older adults, as well as housing-related programs and services intended to accommodate the changing housing needs of seniors, thereby making communities more livable for all community members.

Key Points

This section of the resource manual discusses the housing preferences of older adults and the impact these changing preferences will have on community planning efforts. An overwhelming preference among seniors is the desire to age in place while living in an age-friendly environment. The Housing section addresses specific housing models meant to improve the quality of life for older residents, effective housing-related services, and a number of housing development approaches and features.

Housing options and housing-related programs include:

  1. Active Adult Communities – neighborhoods restricted to people over a certain age that offer opportunities for community engagement and social interaction among senior residents, thus reducing the risk of isolation and depression. Such communities do not provide long-term care or supportive assistance.
  2. Supportive senior housing – a housing development that supports healthy aging in place for seniors by providing long-term care and supportive features like transportation and assistance with daily routine activities.
  3. Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) – a development that offers different housing and care options for older adults depending on the needs of the resident.
  4. Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS) program – a program that assists older adults in making their homes livable for a lifetime through the use of universal design concepts and improved accessibility features.

How to Use

The Housing section of the manual can be used by community planners and local officials seeking to make their communities more livable and foster aging in place through improved housing for senior residents. This section offers useful examples of existing housing options for older adults and housing-related programs intended to keep older adults in their communities as they age. Additionally, the section highlights the benefits of each alternative and the barriers to implementing such housing developments.

View full report: Livable New York Resource Manual: Sustainable Communities for all Ages – Housing (PDF – 313 KB)

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