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The Archstone Foundation Website


Organizations that provide funding to older adult initiatives can be vitally important to the success of those programs. The Archstone Foundation, whose stated mission is to contribute toward the preparation of society in meeting the needs of an aging population, gives funding to organizations that are working toward this shared mission. The Foundation’s website links to information about the grantmaking process, key publications, and other resources related to their main initiatives.

Key Points

The Foundation has identified four major funding priorities, to which they allocate the majority of their resources. These funding priorities are fall prevention, end-of-life care, elder abuse and neglect, and responsive grantmaking (directing resources to emerging and unmet needs). For all but responsive grantmaking, the Foundation has committed more than $8 million over the next five years. Other key features of the website include the Archstone Foundation’s annual reports, recent news about Archstone and their grantees, and links to external organizations that serve as resources for their initiatives.

How to Use

Organizations looking for funding in programs related to the above priorities can use this website as a starting point in the grant process. Application forms, frequently asked questions, and basic requirements for eligibility can be found under “Grants and Projects.”The up-to-date news about previous grantees allows anyone to see the Foundation’s success stories, and perhaps generate ideas for future projects of their own. Once again, the “Resources” tab is unrelated to the grant process, but is still valuable for shareholders in the aging process.

View the website: The Archstone Foundation Website

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