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NORC Community Blueprint Website – 2012


A naturally occurring retirement community (NORC) is defined by its geographic boundaries and its population of seniors. For example, NORCs could be located in a neighborhood or apartment complex comprised of mostly senior residents. The NORC Blueprint website was created by the National Hospital Fund to act as a resource for community planners looking for information on how to partner with the local communities to design effective NORC programs, how to implement NORCs within a community, and how to evaluate NORC projects. A successful NORC program coordinates a broad range of social and health care services to support aging in place for older adults and encourages community engagement among senior NORC residents. The overarching goal of NORC programs is to maximize the health and well-being of residents.

Key Points

The website provides key information for planners looking to implement NORC programs within their communities. The NORC Blueprint emphasizes the importance of fully understanding a community and its residents in order to implement an effective NORC program that will foster aging in place. Guiding principles are offered on the website to aid community planners in better understanding their communities. The Toolbox section of the website may be of greatest interest to planners. This section provides a list of useful tools for every step of the NORC program process.

Tools available on the website include:

  1. Guidelines for writing an effective NORC program mission statement, including the essential elements needed to create an effective NORC mission statement and steps for developing a successful mission statement.
  2. A strategic planning tool, providing a detailed template for creating a NORC program that outlines the goals and strategies of a particular NORC program.
  3. A process evaluation planning checklist, identifying implementation challenges and pinpointing program gaps that need to be addressed.

How to Use

The NORC Blueprint website offers detailed information on naturally occurring retirement communities and how planners can design and implement NORC programs to accommodate the needs of seniors and allow for successful aging in place. Planners and local officials can use this website to gain an understanding of the social and health-related benefits NORCs offer to senior residents, as well as how they can establish NORC programs within their own communities.

View the Website: NORC Community Blueprint Website – 2012

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