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Science is honing in on better ways to treat chronic pain. Read about it in this AARP series.


AARP Community Challenge 2019

Our annual challenge funds projects that build momentum for local change to improve livability for all residents. The grant application period is open now and closes on April 17

AARP Community Challenge

"AARP has teams on the ground in communities across the country who hear from mayors, community leaders and local residents about the value of getting quick wins to create long-term change. We developed the Community Challenge Grant Program to answer that call and help build momentum for more livable communities nationwide." — Nancy LeaMond, AARP Executive Vice President, Community, State and National Affairs

The AARP Community Challenge grant program is part of the nationwide AARP Livable Communities initiative that helps communities become great places to live for residents of all ages. The program is intended to help communities make immediate improvements and jump-start long-term progress in support of residents of all ages.

For the first-ever AARP Community Challenge in 2017, AARP received nearly 1,200 applications and chose 88 winning grantees. In 2018, for the second challenge, AARP received almost 1,600 applications and funded 129 quick-action projects.

In 2019, the grant program will provide funds for community-based “quick-action” projects related to housing, transportation, smart cities and public spaces. The goal is to spark change and build momentum to improve livability for people of all ages. 

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