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Vision to Reality


Numerous methods and strategies can be used in different areas to improve the livability of communities for all residents, regardless of age or ability. The goal of this webinar is to share methods, tools, and ideas to promote environmental and policy change in support of healthy aging. It examines Portland Oregon’s Age Friendly Cities Initiative and the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Lifelong Communities Initiative. The presenters from each organization discuss lessons learned, issues encountered, and successful implementation strategies.

Key Points

Portland and Atlanta have used different methods to improve the livability of their communities and neighborhoods but they have the same goal: create a thriving, livable, and sustainable city for residents of all ages and abilities. This presentation examines the two initiatives, highlighting the barriers each has faced along with the key lessons each has learned. The presentation includes a supplemental action guide that can also be downloaded to assist communities with implementing livability strategies in their area.

Key lessons learned include:

  • Various agendas among different stakeholders often creates barriers to effective and age-friendly planning – create collaborative relationships and partnerships among diverse stakeholders to garner attention from different community groups.
  • Lifelong Communities, those that are created with all life stages in mind, require thorough planning and forethought and must be accessible to residents of all ages and abilities – involve citizens in the early planning stages by encouraging citizens of all ages to audit their streets and neighborhoods.

How to Use

Community planners, local leaders, and government officials can use this webinar to gain an understanding of the specific methods used to improve the livability of communities in both Portland, Oregon and Atlanta, Georgia. Download the pdf version of the presentation and follow along with the presenters to better understand how these areas are thoroughly planning ahead to ensure communities are comfortable and accommodating for all residents.

View Web site: Vision to Reality