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Harris County Area Agency on Aging Area Plan – 2011-2013


Harris County, located in southeast Texas, is the third largest county in the United States by population. Like most counties in the U.S., Harris County is experiencing a dramatic age shift due to the aging of the Boomer population. In compliance with the Older Americans Act, the Harris County Area Agency on Aging (HCAAA) developed this Area Plan to assess the current and future needs of Harris County’s older adult population and establish plans for senior service needs and advocacy efforts.

Key Points

Long-term care and supportive services, as well as transportation options to access needed services, are among the top priorities of Harris County’s senior population. According to the Area Plan, the average annual cost of nursing facility care in Harris County is roughly $65,000. Additional services and administrative priorities identified in the plan include adult day care, care coordination, caregiver education and training, and in-home services. The plan provides objectives, measurable outcomes, local strategies, data sources, and evaluation plans to improve the service delivery system based on the top priorities and concerns of seniors in Harris County.

Other report highlights include:

  1. The HCAAA is working to establish a locally based system to serve as the main resource for aging services in Harris County. This network will connect people to needed services such as Ombudsman services, nutrition services, and services that promote and assist with independent living.
  2. Harris County is working to provide Caregiver Respite Care – in-home services that will provide services for older adults on a temporary basis while their caregiver is unavailable.
  3. To improve caregiver education and training, Harris County will provide counseling services to caregivers, and a minimum of 12 training and education sessions will be offered annually in Harris County.
  4. Harris County will provide a locally based system of nutrition services for residents age 60 and older that provides meals, counseling, and nutrition education programs to promote wellness and healthy nutrition habits.

How to Use

In preparing for the coming age shift, developing plans that will meet the future needs of older adults is vital. Harris County has done a great job in assessing the needs of its senior population. This Area Plan focuses on senior health services and how to coordinate needed services for older adults. Planners and local officials can use this Plan to better understand the top priorities and concerns of seniors in Harris County and get an idea of how the Harris County AAA will accommodate the changing needs of its older adults.

View the full report: Harris County Area Agency on Aging Area Plan – 2011-2013 (PDF – 753 KB)

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