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Area Plan for Aging Services: Lake and Mendocino Counties, California


By the year 2040, older adults are expected to represent over 30 percent of the total population of Lake and Mendocino Counties, located in the northwest region of California. The Area Agency on Aging of Lake and Mendocino Counties created this 2012-2016 aging plan, in compliance with the Older Americans Act, to assess the needs of older residents in these two counties, as well as discuss current and future planning efforts intended to accommodate these needs and overcome barriers faced by this growing population group.

Key Points

The plan for aging services is intended to determine the extent of need for supportive services, nutrition services and multipurpose senior centers specific for Lake and Mendocino Counties. Demographic data regarding the growing diversity ofseniors, poverty levels among these seniors, and the number of disabled senior residents, among other things, is presented in the plan to better understand the unique senior population of these counties.

After conducting the 2012 Senior Needs Assessment, this Area Agency on Aging determined the top problems facing seniors in their communities, which included health care, staying independent at home, injuries in the home, housing, and transportation (page 29). Area planning objectives and goals were established after determining the most significant issues faced by seniors. The plan provides rationale behind each overarching goal, projected start and end dates, persons or groups responsible, and how to accomplish each objective.

How to Use

The Lake and Mendocino Counties plan for aging services is a great example of an organized aging plan. It is evident that this Area Agency on Aging is dedicated to making their communities more livable for senior residents by accommodating their changing needs as they age. Planners and local officials can use this plan as a template when establishing goals and objectives for better meeting the needs of seniors in their community.

View the full report: Area Plan for Aging Services: Lake and Mendocino Counties, California (PDF – 1.7 MB)

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