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Anticipating the Future: Fairfax 50+ Action Plan – 2007


In Fairfax County, the 50-69 age group is expected to grow by 25 percent between 2005 and 2020, and the 70+ demographic is expected to increase by 58 percent. The Committee on Aging of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors organized this report to ensure that Fairfax County has the opportunities and services in place to meet the needs of this growing senior population.

Key Points

Good planning that makes a community livable for people of all ages involves transportation and mobility options, access to necessary service providers, affordable housing options, accessibility of proper healthcare, and access to recreation and engagement opportunities, amongst others. While there are a number of initiatives already in place in Fairfax County to meet the changing demographic, this report provides details on the above key livability issues that will continue to be priorities with the increasing older population, as well as action items for combating them.

Other report highlights include:

  1. Planning: Adopt planning and development guidelines that promote livability for all ages, and provide technical assistance and incentives to planners to encourage use of the guidelines.
  2. Housing: Promote universal design concepts, and support the development of affordable assisted living options.
  3. Transportation: Integrate the transportation needs of older adults in all conventional transportation planning, including roads, sidewalks, buses, etc.
  4. Engagement: Support the recruitment of older adults into volunteering, and encourage intergenerational opportunities in employment, volunteer, and recreation.
  5. Health: Promote the benefits of recreation, fitness, and healthy eating, and increase and promote caregiver support services and training.

How to Use

This action plan is full of important community initiatives to support aging in place, as well as action items to encourage local planners and leaders to start thinking about what may or may not work in their communities. Although the focus is on Fairfax County, this report can be used as a guide for any community looking to put the necessary opportunities and services in place to make aging in place easy, affordable, and enjoyable.

View the full report: Anticipating the Future: Fairfax 50+ Action Plan – 2007 (PDF – 484 KB)

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