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Aging Texas Well


With the passage of the Older Americans Act in 1965, states were first given grants to create resources in the field of aging. Aging Texas Well, an initiative of the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS), was formalized in 2005 to identify and discuss aging policy issues, guide state government readiness, and promote increased preparedness for an aging Texas population. The website provides resources in a wide range of areas to help accomplish these objectives. As compared to the Older Dominion Partnership, which is not state funded in Virginia, Aging Texas Well does receive state funding as well as corporate support.

Key Points

The Aging Texas Well website serves as a hub for all information related to aging in Texas. The “Resources and Reports” tab supplies links to brochures, PowerPoint presentations, research studies, and external websites related to various aging-related topics. There is also a compilation of statistical demographic information, both nationally and Texas-specific, that provides insight into the growing aging population.

Other website features include:

  1. While Aging Texas Well provides no direct services, the “Aging Services” tab gives an overview of national, state, and local resources to individuals throughout Texas. These include resources about employment, housing, and health care, among others.
  2. Under the “Aging Texas Well Initiatives” tab, you will find a Community Assessment Toolkit. This toolkit allows local governments and communities to identify features that define an aging-friendly community, assess their communities’ aging friendliness, and undertake planning and action steps to build an aging- friendly community.
  3. The “About Aging Texas Well” tab includes direct links to updated versions of the Aging Texas Well Plan, the 2005 executive order that formalized the initiative, and information about the Aging Texas Well Advisory Committee.
  4. The website’s homepage allows visitors to subscribe to email updates from DADS, see the latest aging-related news, and contact DADS directly.

How to Use

Even though the Aging Texas Well Program provides no direct services on its own, this website is a robust source of aging resources for local officials in Texas and elsewhere. Whether establishing, innovating, or assessing one’s aging programs, this website serves as an excellent hub of information.

Web Resource: Aging Texas Well

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