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Bicycle Friendly America Awards Lists and Profiles


With the expanding older adult population, a variety of transportation options are important because of this demographics’ decreasing ability to drive, and increasing need for alternative transportation sources to get them to and from appointments, help them stay independent by providing them access to everyday necessities (e.g., grocery store, pharmacy), and to keep them engaged in their communities. Safe, bike-friendly environments will help fill this need, as well as encourage increased health and well-being. For these reasons, amongst others, The League of American Bicyclists organized rankings and profiles for the most bicycle friendly communities, businesses and universities.

Key Points

In addition to compiling a list of the most bicycle friendly businesses, communities, and universities, there is also an overall state ranking for each state, which includes a “report card” that has the score broken down by category (legislation and enforcement, policies and programs, infrastructure and funding, education and encouragement, evaluation and planning), a bicycle friendly success story, a trip for improvement, feedback, and signs of success.

Award highlights include:

  1. Top Bicycle Friendly Communities: Boulder, CO, Davis, CA, and Portland, OR
  2. Most Bicycle Friendly Universities: Stanford University, University of California (Davis), University of California (Santa Barbara)
  3. Bicycle Friendly State Rankings (Top 10): Washington, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Colorado, Oregon, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Maryland, Maine, Delaware.

How to Use

Local planners can use this document to not only determine their current Bicycle Friendly America (BFA) state ranking, but also to collect information on the progress other states have made. It is a good resource for any planners looking to make their area more bike friendly, as it provides tools, resources and guides, as well as profiles of other areas that are initiating bike friendliness into their planning efforts.

View the website: Bicycle Friendly America Awards Lists and Profiles

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