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Comments Still Welcome on Transit Pilot Projects

If you missed one of the public input meetings on the Transit Coordination Pilot Projects, you can still submit comments to enhance ride options in your area.

Comments can be made directly to Jon Mielke by calling 701-328-9865 or e-mailing, or Carol Wright at 701-231-8231 or

They are looking for input from citizens on the adequacy of local transit, opportunities for improvement, ideas for coordination partnerships, and possible job functions of the regional coordination administrator.

The public meetings were part of two pilot projects being implemented in adjacent areas of the state (see map) with the study conducted by the Small Urban and Rural Transit Center, part of the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute at North Dakota State University.

These pilots, approved by the 2009 Legislature, are testing the possibilities of coordinating the different transit programs to expand travel options for everyone. In North Dakota, where people are far apart and so are their destinations, a half-empty vehicle or one that sits for days out of the week are opportunities to expand services to others.

Beginning activity included the formation of a Technical Advisory Committee which is providing direction, monitoring the study, performing reviews, and maintaining control of project direction. The five-member committee includes staff from AARP and county social services.

Also formed are Region Steering Committees for each pilot area (see map), including transit providers, mayors, county commissioners, social service directors, senior center directors, and transit drivers. The Regional Steering Committees provide local expertise and information on transit issues and opportunities for their communities.

At the public meetings, organizers provided information on service benefits of coordination and possible efficiencies that may result. You can listen to recordings of two of the meetings here:

Public comment made during the meetings is also part of the recording. Again, if you have comments you’d like to make about possible transit partnerships and the ways providers can work together to enhance services, contact Mielke or Wright at the phone numbers or e-mail addresses above.

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