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The Impact of Federal Programs on Transportation for Older Adults

As individuals grow older and experience age-related changes in functional ability, they are increasingly likely to face challenges to driving and need alternatives to driving that ensure continued mobility in their communities. In this AARP Public Policy Institute Issue Paper, federal programs and activities with the greatest direct impact on transportation and community mobility of older individuals are examined by David Koffman and Richard Weiner of Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates, a San Francisco transportation consulting firm, and David Raphael of Medical Transportation Consulting in Portland, OR. The report explores the Section 5310 and 5311 formula grant programs, including grants for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities, and for public transportation service in Other than Urbanized Areas (rural).

The authors also look at the impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act on transportation for older persons, at supportive services under the Older Americans Act and at medical transportation programs under Medicare and Medicaid. The report is designed to aid policymakers as they make decisions affecting the federal government's role in ensuring that older adults are able to sustain mobility as they age. (55 pages)

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