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2009 New York Livable Communities Surveys of AARP Members 50+: Fact Sheets, Annotations, and Methodology

AARP Member Opinion Research

What do AARP members in New York think of their communities in terms of being a good place to live as people age? AARP commissioned these surveys to examine the opinions of members in the City of Buffalo and Rockland County regarding issues of neighborhood safety, community services, affordable housing, home modification, and transportation.

Survey findings revealed that:

  • Respondents are satisfied with their community as a place to live. About two in three say they are extremely or very satisfied with their community.
  • Most residents of these communities want to stay in their communities and homes as they age. Nine in ten say it is extremely, very, or somewhat important for them to remain in their community for as long as possible. More than seven in ten say it is extremely or very important for them to stay in their own homes for as long as possible.
  • When asked to identify problems in their community, a majority of residents in both communities cited crime, heavy traffic, and concerns about streets and sidewalks.
  • Respondents depend on cars as their primary transportation mode.
  • Residents of both communities say having safe neighborhoods with hospitals, hospice care, and senior transportation is important to them.

The mail surveys were fielded between October 30 and November 27, 2009. A total of 1,252 members in Buffalo and 1,132 members in Rockland County returned surveys by the end date. Further information can be obtained by contacting Joanne Binette at 202-434-6303.