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Going from Good to Great: Livable Communities Surveys in OH

Are Marietta, Ohio, and Clermont County, Ohio, livable communities? AARP defines a livable community as one that allows people to maintain their independence and quality of life as they age and retire. Specific aspects of a livable community include adequate mobility options, supportive community features and services that allow residents to maintain their independence and enjoy an engaging civic and social life, and affordable and appropriate housing. AARP Ohio commissioned a telephone survey of the general populations age 45 years and older of Clermont County and Marietta, Ohio, to ask them about what they would need and want as they got older to make their community a great place to grow old. The survey findings include:

  • Survey respondents have been long-time residents of their communities — over two decades in Clermont County and three decades in Marietta.
  • Most of these residents are rooted in their community, satisfied with it, and think it is a good place for people approaching retirement.
  • Most of them would like to stay in their community for as long as possible.
  • They are in frequent contact with their friends, family, and neighborhoods regardless of their age.
  • However, most also said that street repair and limited or unavailable public transportation are problems in their community.
  • Many of these residents were unaware that legal support, respite care, and health monitoring services exist in their communities.

This study is based on telephone surveys of 801 residents age 45 and older living in the 45750 ZIP Code area of Marietta Ohio, and 1,002 residents aged 45 and older living in Clermont County, Ohio. The first-stage interviews were conducted by Woelfel Research, Inc., from November 8 to November 19, 2007, with a second stage conducted from March 30 to April 3, 2008. For more information, contact Terri Guengerich at 202-434-6306.

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