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Bring Complete Streets to your Town

Complete Streets = A More Livable Community

Are you in favor of:

  • Better sidewalks?
  • More bike lanes?
  • Safe pedestrian crosswalks?
  • Providing more ways to get around for those who don’t drive?

These are just a few of the ways we can improve safety and access to walkers, bikers, bus riders, and drivers, while providing more options for people to get around. We need streets designed for safe and convenient travel by all users and all ages. That’s why AARP Vermont is working for state legislation that would bring “Complete Streets” design to all Vermont communities.

What’s a “Complete Street”?

Complete Streets policies ensure that transportation agencies routinely design and operate the right of way to enable safe access for everyone on the road. Complete Streets policies make community and roadway planners think about how people can access the community without a car. We want this to be part of how Vermont plans its roadways, town centers, cities and suburbs, so that people who cannot drive or want to drive less have more ways to get around.
What Can You Do?

AARP Vermont is working for state legislation that would establish Complete Streets policy for all state and local roads – rules that would apply to both new roads and streets under repair.

As a volunteer, you can help this initiative by sharing information with local residents and officials and contacting your legislators when needed.

Be a part of the team and help your community and your neighbors! Contact us at to volunteer and find out more.