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Misbehavior Leads to Eviction Battle

When Mary Vaughan, 73, moved into Almon Place, a retirement community in Halifax, Nova Scotia, she thought it would be a nice place to spend the rest of her life. And at first it was. The building was new, and she made friends there.

But a year and a half later, Vaughan and another resident are being evicted. The reasons cited: gossiping, swearing at a staff member, using the common room without reserving it and allowing "inappropriate" people into the building. She admits only to swearing once and not reserving the common room one time.

The trouble started when a new superintendent was hired about a year ago, Vaughan says. The new hire added lots of rules, like prohibiting slippers in the common room. The atmosphere was tense, Vaughan says, and one couple even moved out.

But in May, Vaughan was shocked to receive an eviction notice. The superintendent told her there had been complaints about her but gave no other details.

Some residents, however, support Vaughan. And in July about 30 disgruntled residents marched outside the building demanding change. Since then the superintendent resigned, but Northwood, the property owner, has refused to back down on the evictions. Northwood did not return phone calls for comment.

On Oct. 3 Vaughan is to appear before a residential tenancy officer to protest her removal—"senior abuse," she calls it. "I think somebody has to stand up and stand their ground."

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